Ocean & Brine Marine Spare Parts Suppliers are now available on ShipServ Trading Network!

Ocean & Brine Marine Spare Parts Suppliers are now available on ShipServ Trading Network
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The business benefits of employing technology to boost productivity and cut expenses are becoming increasingly apparent to ship operators. Hence, the choice of an e-procurement platform Shipserv facilitates a connection between the marine parts buyers and suppliers. Both suppliers and buyers can profit from this e-procurement.

ShipServ is a prominent online marketplace for the marine and shipping industry, connecting buyers and suppliers of marine equipment and services.

Ocean and Brine are a committed group of maritime specialists with decades of combined expertise in the global marine supply sector. With a rich experience and a sustainable supplier with 5-star rating, we provide our customers with important marine technical and industry information in addition to prompt delivery of high-quality marine replacement parts.

Ocean and Brine are one of the well-known , have taken part in many missions and journeys around the world and are .

A short list of Ocean and Brine products:

: MAN B&W Engines, a part of MAN Energy Solutions, is a top supplier of large-bore diesel engines for marine propulsion systems and makes MAN B&W engine spares. These engine spares are well known for their strong construction, minimal emissions, and fuel efficiency.

: Boiler spares are those parts required to replace and maintain the efficient running of a vessel. There is regular wear and tear in any machinery more so in boilers and thus you need to constantly check to choose spare parts. Buying boiler spares is mission-critical and requires knowledge.

: Marine hydraulic motors and pumps are the two types of hydraulic systems that help in driving various systems and gear in maritime vessels. Marine hydraulic solutions form a part of your vessel’s marine safety equipment. The primary distinction between hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors is their respective functions. While motors convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy, pumps convert mechanical energy into hydraulic energy.

: To keep ship operations safe and efficient, marine purifiers and clarifiers are vital parts of the maritime sector, that separate solid and water impurities from fuel and lubricating oils, as well as cleanse and purify these oils. Clarifiers concentrate on eliminating solid particles, and purifiers are mostly used to remove water and fine pollutants.

: The filters for marine applications preserve and clean a variety of gases and fluids that are vital to the ship’s operation. These filters ensure that the various systems on board ships, boats, and other marine vessels remain effective and long-lasting. They are vital to sustaining the efficiency, safety, and security of marine vehicles and serve a critical function in maintaining the performance, productivity, and well-being of marine vessels.

: Maritime safety equipment includes a whole range of products for cargo ships, passengers, and people you frequently go fishing and yachting with. When engaging in marine activities, a variety of safety gear is used, such as a life jacket, personal transfer basket, buoys, life floats, and basket stretches.

: Marine electrical equipment ensures the safe and effective functioning of ships and marine vessels a wide variety of devices and systems are referred to as marine electrical equipment. The operation of several onboard systems, including propulsion, safety, and communication, depends on this equipment.

Reach out for your marine spare parts requirements to , who have been delivering quality spare parts on time and supporting customers with valuable technical and industry knowledge.

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Yogamurthy has both passion and experience in the marine spares industry and is always ready to share his knowledge with others in the same industry or beginners in the marine industry. He is the founder of Ocean and Brine which is committed to serving shipping industrialists with the supply of the best spare parts.

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