We have been chosen by two major marine connecting platforms – Shipserv and Procureship. We can now meet the growing demand for marine spares and marine safety equipment quicklythrough these platforms. Ocean and Brine can be approached via theShipserv platform and Procureship by the marine customers and procure their marine spare parts.

We offer services and marine spare parts for ships and maritime operations. Our products usually cover a broad spectrum of tools and parts required for maritime vessel upkeep, repair, and operation. We maintain a steady and prompt supply of parts for shipbuilding companies, shipping companies, and other maritime enterprises so they may continue to operate their ships and adhere to safety and legal requirements.

Ocean and Brine is a sustainable marine spares supplier with 5-star rating. With a standing of being number 1 on Shipserv, Ocean and Brine has made it easier for ship owners and managers to identify the finest products, save money and expedite the purchasing process.

The ever-expanding businesses of Ocean and Brine have mandated to enter more e-procurement platforms and thus, we are now listed on other onlinetoo for marine spare parts. We maintain lasting customer relationships by allowing them to buy our products online.

Ocean and Brine Register as Suppliers on Shipserv

Ocean Brine are now listed Shipserv

Ocean and Brine Register as Suppliers on Procureship

Ocean Brine Register as Suppliers on Procureship